Karma Sherpa’s Recent Everest Trip

EBC 2Karma foodKarma enjoying our Spaghetti Carbonara while on a break in his tent. Karma pic Karma 3

Here are a few of the latest photos from Karma Sherpa’s most recent everest trip. He has been making his way back down, there was no summit this time. One of his clients had a problem and Karma had to bring him down. They were not that far from the top, but the top is only halfway, something that is forgotten by many that give everything to get to the top, and dont have enough energy left to get back down.

Hiring an experienced guide is crucial to safety when attempting to summit Everest, and every precaution is taken to ensure everyone is able to safely get up the mountain and back down. It’s no small feat, a big well done to everyone who went on this trip!

As well as being an experienced Everest guide, Karma is the chairman of Sherpa Healthcare, an organisation who’s aim is to provide medical care and resources to remote villages in Sotang-6, Solukhumbu Nepal.