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Multi-Day Race Nutrition Made Easy

If you’re doing a multi-day race it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what food you will need to pack.

Multi-day races are physically and mentally demanding, so you need to be prepared with the proper nutrition to keep you going and help aid in recovery. We’ve helped runners with their nutrition who have competed in Fire and Ice Ultra, Marathon des Sables, Annapurna Ultra and similar multi-day events.

We help take the guesswork out with our 24 hour packs, which include all the nutrition you need and some extras you might want. Bringing you the highest energy, lowest weight & most compact size possible, a sample pack includes 2 different kinds of high energy 800kcal food packs, a breakfast and a dinner, such as our chicken pasta and vegetables, a deluxe expedition brew pack, cliff bar and shot blocks, and an Extreme Ultra Fuel 4:1 Energy, Endurance, Electrolyte and Protein recovery. These packs total 2,400kcal, give or take depending on flavours.

You can choose to pick your own variations and flavours from our online store, or choose one of our packs already put together for you. We have both vegetarian and meat options so there’s something for everyone.

Giving talks on Expedition Food

Last week we went to Caistor Grammar School to talk to their Duke of Edinburgh Award’s Scheme Gold about expedition food. How best to use expedition food and what sorts of things you should be packing for your expeditions to ensure you’re getting the best nutrition and energy possible.

If you’d like us to give any presentations for your organisation, contact us and we will see what we can do to arrange it!

Natalie Thomas and the Me-Mover Challenge

Natalie Thomas is a British elite triathlete participating in a unique new challenge. She is riding a Me-Mover FIT 1800 km across Europe to not only show how fun being fit and active can be, but to raise money for Diabetes UK and the Danish Diabetes Association. What is a Me-Mover you may be asking? It looks similar to a scooter, but is a more like a three wheeled bike that uses your stepping actions to propel it forward giving you an intense full body workout.

She is well on her way now, but started in Copenhagen, Denmark and is travelling through Northern Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, and will be finishing in Lausanne Switzerland. She is on her own, carrying her food and staying in hostels and B&B’s along the way.

As you can imagine, there isn’t a lot of space to store things on such a small bike! A huge benefit of our low weight, smaller sized packs is that you can fit more food in and get more energy to fuel you on your journey. Natalie has packed and is eating our freeze dried main meals at the end of her days so she can get more Kcals, carbs and more in while not sacrificing a lot of space in her packs on the Me-Mover.

To follow along on Natalie’s challenge or to donate follow along on her twitter account

For help with nutrition on your own adventure, contact us for a personalised nutrition plan.

Talisker Atlantic Challenge 2016

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The Talisker Atlantic Challenge 2016 will be taking place from the 15th of December with boats being single rowers, teams of two or four.

Rowers will row 3,000 nautical miles across the Atlantic Ocean in 40-90 days. No outside assistance is allowed, and each team must carry their own safety and medical equipment, cooking gas and all their food for the entire crossing.

Our great range of freeze dried meals are perfect to pack for this challenge as they are high energy and low weight. With some of our meals being 800-1000 calories, they are great for fuelling rowers in extreme challenges like this one. Choose from a range of meat and vegetation options, and don’t forget your breakfast!

Want help putting together your nutrition packs? Contact us today for expert advice. Find out more about the Talisker Atlantic Challenge here.


Why Choose Freeze Dried Food

freeze driedUnlike some other methods, freeze dried food retains it’s shape and tastes just as fresh when rehydrated. The freeze drying process removes around 98% of the water from the food, but not the great fresh taste or vitamins and nutrients. Opposed to frozen or dehydrated food, freeze dried food removes only the water content, leaving you with great tasting food once you’ve added water back to it.

There are many benefits of choosing freeze dried meals which include;

  • Weight – They are much lighter to pack when you are traveling. Since they are such low weight and a smaller size, they are easy to toss into packs for hiking, camping etc.
  • Long Lasting – They have a long shelf life. As the water content has been removed and the food is stored in airtight and moisture-proof packaging, it can be stored for months, and sometimes even years without spoiling.
  • Easy Storage – Freeze dried meals can be stored almost anywhere. As freeze dried meal packs only need to be stored at room temperature, you can store them virtually anywhere for a ready meal when you need it. Make sure they are stored in a cool dry place away from moisture and sunlight to keep them at their best.
  • Variety – They don’t just stop at main meals! We offer a range of meaty and vegetarian main meals, along with breakfast options and even dessert. So you can have a three course meal throw in your pack or waiting for you at your cabin in the woods. Not only that, we also offer bulk packaging, so that you can dish out portions and take as much or as little as you’d like or is great to take for a quick meal for groups of people.

Boil in the Bag VS Freeze Dried Food

boilinbagvsfreezedriedBoth boil in the bag and freeze dried foods have their places in your next adventure, and sometimes you may even want a combination of them both! Both have the benefits of having a long shelf life, no refrigeration needed and quick and easy to cook, but based on your needs you may want to choose one over the other.

Boil in the bag meals are great for camping trips or treks where weight isn’t as much of an issue, but you don’t want to take a ton of ingredients or pots and pans for cooking. They are also great for short hikes where you can just toss a meal in your pack and enjoy it while you are outdoors. An added benefit of boil in the bag meals is that they can be eaten hot or cold, so they can be eaten on the spot wherever you are with no preparation. Alternatively you can cook them around a campfire and have minimal clean up leaving you to enjoy your trip.

Freeze Dried Food is the best option when space and weight are at a premium. With it’s low weight, compact size and high calories it’s great for longer treks or camping trips, sailing, or even multi-day marathons such as Ultras where you have to carry your own packs. For these activities, sometimes carrying the bulky boil in the bag meals aren’t an option and freeze dried meals make a great alternative as you just add water, let it soak, and you can enjoy your meal right out of the bag. Often times freeze dried options can give you more calories for those harder activities where you body needs to refuel properly. We carry freeze dried Extreme Adventure food that is available in 800 or 1000kcal for those with bigger appetites or needing a bit more to get them through their activities.

Ready to Eat Meals for Your Next Trip

rtemainOur Ready to Eat wet meals are not only delicious, but great to throw in your pack on your next adventure. Whether you are going camping, hiking, trekking, or longer extreme excursions, our food will keep you going. With a long shelf life and no refrigeration needed, you can stock up and always have some to hand. Meals can be eaten hot or cold, so no matter where you are you can have a great tasting meal. We have a great choice of breakfasts, mains (both vegetarian and meat options) and even desserts so you can get your whole days meals with our convenient packs.

We aim to give you the highest energy with the lowest weight possible, leaving you room to fit all your essentials in your pack without compromising on nutrition. We also have self-heating meals if you want a hot meal but don’t want to pack a stove.

Browse our selection of Ready to Eat Meals and stock up for your next trip.

Self Heat Packs

Be-Well Expedition Foods Hot Pack™ Self-Heating Meals offers a new concept to “instant” hot food and is the answer to having a hot meal, away from home or base, without needing any other heating or cooking equipment! With a heating time of only 10-12 minutes, Hot Pack™ is ideal for using in remote locations, or even to take to outdoor music festivals, sports meetings, motor rally’s etc. Take a Hot Pack™ to work or the office or when working outdoors as a warm alternative to lunchtime sandwiches. What is the shelf-life? Answer: 3 years from production (Best Before Date). Each Self-Heating Meal Pack contains a delicious and wholesome 300g cooked, ready to eat meal in a foil pouch, a water-proof sachet with 2 heat elements and a sachet with water. Hot Pack™ Meals come in fourteen nutritious breakfast, main meal and dessert recipes so you are sure to find a taste that satisfies your palate. Choose from Lancashire Hot Pot, Chicken Casserole,Sausages and Beans, Chicken Dopiaza Curry,Meatballs and Pasta in Tomato Sauce,Vegetable Curry,Spicy Vegetable Rigatoni, and All Day Breakfast. For detailed information on each recipe see Nutrition Information of each meal.

  • No re-hydration needed – just heat and enjoy
  • Pack contains unique non magnesium heater, activated with water (included) to heat the meal
  • No freezing, store at room temperature
  • Long shelf life

For more Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

Self Heating Meals

bewellhotpack (1)

Our Self Heat Packs are great for when you want a nice hot meal but won’t be able to cook or boil water. Great for fishermen, sports matches, music festivals, hiking, camping and more. With a heating time of 10-12 minutes you won’t have to wait long to have your meal. Hot Pack™ Meals come in fourteen nutritious breakfast, main meal and dessert recipes so you are sure to find a meal that you will love.

One of the most common questions is; How does the heater work? Well, when water is added to the heater sleeve, it reacts with a mixture of magnesium iron alloy and sodium chloride (FDA approved food grade additives). This generates heat and steam and is scientifically known as an exothermic reaction. Completely safe, you just have to be careful not to spill the water as it will be extremely hot and to keep away from the steam that will be generated. All our packs should be stored at room temperature and have a long shelf life so are perfect to store until you go on your next adventure.

Find all our self heating packs with nutrition information here.

Need Light, high energy and tasty expedition food?

BeWell Expedition Foods, makers of probably the largest range of Freeze dried high energy, low weight meals in the world, used by the Coxless Crew on their Pacific Ocean Row 2015 rowing expedition. They chose our freeze dried foods for their compact size and high caloric content. For example our Moroccan Chicken Couscous is only 159 grams and a massive 800 calories
Looking for freeze dried food for your expedition try this link to our Freeze Dried Food
Here they are appearing on the BBC’s One Show with Bruce Forsyth.
Coxless Crew on the BBC's One Show

Coxless Crew on the BBC’s One Show