Karma Sherpa on His Way to Everest

Karma ABC be2
Karma Sherpa has just set off on his way to Everest Base Camp to start preparing for his latest trip to the top of Everest with his client. If successful, this will be his 6th time to the top!

He is currently in the famous village of Namche Bazaar at 3440 metres, about 10 days on foot from the nearest road at Jiri, and a 2 to 3 day walk from the mountain airport of Lukla. It’s a great place with a German Bakery, and many other places to eat, and the post box at the postal house is a paint tin nailed to a tree on the edge of the village. Heading higher past the famous monastery at Tenbouche and 3867 metres, before going to Dingbouche is a tiny house that makes the best chocolate cake in the world at 4412 metres (when they have ingredients, if they run out, it is a 5 day return trek to get more!).

Everest base camp is at 5360 metres. Karmas team have been there a week getting the Base camp ready. Life at base camp is probably better than you think, with Satellite communications, WiFi, good food in the tents, at this stage weight is not an issue, as porters carry what ever is needed.

When they start their trek however, having low weight compact food is a must, so they are taking with them many of BeWell’s ready to eat and freeze dried meals. Giving them the lowest weight but full of the calories they need to keep their energy levels up to complete their journey.

We will keep updating on their progress as we know more.

Why Choose Freeze Dried Food

freeze driedUnlike some other methods, freeze dried food retains it’s shape and tastes just as fresh when rehydrated. The freeze drying process removes around 98% of the water from the food, but not the great fresh taste or vitamins and nutrients. Opposed to frozen or dehydrated food, freeze dried food removes only the water content, leaving you with great tasting food once you’ve added water back to it.

There are many benefits of choosing freeze dried meals which include;

  • Weight – They are much lighter to pack when you are traveling. Since they are such low weight and a smaller size, they are easy to toss into packs for hiking, camping etc.
  • Long Lasting – They have a long shelf life. As the water content has been removed and the food is stored in airtight and moisture-proof packaging, it can be stored for months, and sometimes even years without spoiling.
  • Easy Storage – Freeze dried meals can be stored almost anywhere. As freeze dried meal packs only need to be stored at room temperature, you can store them virtually anywhere for a ready meal when you need it. Make sure they are stored in a cool dry place away from moisture and sunlight to keep them at their best.
  • Variety – They don’t just stop at main meals! We offer a range of meaty and vegetarian main meals, along with breakfast options and even dessert. So you can have a three course meal throw in your pack or waiting for you at your cabin in the woods. Not only that, we also offer bulk packaging, so that you can dish out portions and take as much or as little as you’d like or is great to take for a quick meal for groups of people.

Ultra Marathon Food Packs

marathon packLet us help take the guesswork out of packing food for your next Ultra Marathon!

Our food is the highest energy for the lowest weight meaning it will keep you going without weighing you down. This also means you will have room in your pack for other essential items.

We have worked with 6 time Marathon des Sables Ultra Marathon winner Mohammad Ahansal to put together food packs to see you through multi-day endurance races. Mohammad has also won the Fire & Ice Ultra in Iceland as well as numerous other Ultra Marathons, so he knows exactly what nutrition you need to see you through these challenging foot races.

We’ve put together Meat options and Vegetation options together that would be ideal for desert races but would work for other Ultra’s as well. We also put together another pack for 250km multi-day races. All packs include breakfasts, lunches and dinners as well as energy bars and snacks for continued energy release. Our Extreme Ultra Fuel recovery drinks and electrolyte drinks are also included in all of the packs to aid muscle recovery and keep you hydrated.

Don’t wait, order your multi-day ration pack today here!

Exercise Can Help You Sleep

freeimages.com/Ben Johnson

freeimages.com/Ben Johnson

If you are feeling tired and sluggish during the day or have trouble sleeping at night, exercise might be the answer! 

According to The National Sleep Foundation, “150 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity a week, which is the national guideline, provided a 65 percent improvement in sleep quality. People also said they felt less sleepy during the day, compared to those with less physical activity.” Meeting your workout times may seem difficult because you are feeling tired, but the health benefits in the long term are worth pushing yourself to do some sort of physical activity, even if it’s going for a walk a few times a week.

Timing your workouts can make all the difference to your sleep patterns. A good workout first thing in the morning can help you feel more alert and ready to tackle the day as well as increasing your metabolism. Working out late at night right before going to bed can lead to poor sleep, so it’s recommended to complete exercise at least three hours before heading to bed, allowing your body temperature to cool down. Your diet plays a big part in this as well, sugary foods will give you energy for a short time but then you’ll come crashing down. Studies found that people who exercised more, also had the knock on effect of eating healthier as well to contribute to their overall health.

If you regularly do outside activities or workouts in the sun, the light exposure can actually have a positive effect on your sleep patterns. The light helps regulate your bodies rhythm helping you to get a better nights sleep. This is why often times campers who wake with the sun and go to sleep a bit after it sets will feel more energised for their activities and sleep really soundly.

To get the best results it’s good to switch up your exercise routines to keep both your body and mind stimulated. This not only helps work different muscles and parts of your body, but the constant change keeps you from getting bored and not wanting to exercise, as well as challenging your mind. Stimulating your mind is as important as physical exercise as boredom can cause anxiety and stress which then leads to sleeping problems.

So if you are having problems sleeping, or feeling a lack of energy throughout your day, try adding in different workouts and change up your routines to add mental stimulation. Get your body and mind working and break to break the monotony, and feel the benefits.

Aid Muscle Recovery with Post-exercise Drinks


Freeimages.com/Einar Hansen

Often times people associate protein shakes or other sports drinks with wanting to build muscle mass and ‘bulk up’, but if you do any sort of high intensity training workouts a recovery drink is the key to replenishing your muscles and keeping you energised. Keeping on top of your post-exercise nutrition is important, especially if you are an endurance athlete or have intense training sessions, to help aid recovery of your muscles. If you don’t help your body properly recover this can lead to poor workouts, fatigue, lack of increased strength and muscle mass, and can effect how long your muscles will be sore.

The best way to aid recovery is to take in a mix of protein and carbohydrates, a 2:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein being the best mix. Often times athletes find liquids to be a better way of doing this as it’s easily digested and absorbed more quickly than solid foods. The aim of these drinks is to help encourage protein synthesis and replenish glycogen stores that have been lost during exercise.

It’s important to note that recovery nutrition taken in the first half hour have the most effect, but will still help somewhat up to 2 hours. This is why drinks are often the preferred choice, as keeping food down after an intense workout isn’t always practical. Not to mention the drinks help you replenish the liquid lost during your workout to help rehydrate you at the same time.

We offer a range of great tasting recovery drinks and protein mixes to help your body recover. Our TRF 2:1 Recovery formula is an all-in-one energy and recovery drink intended for use during and after endurance performance and intensive training sessions.TRF 2:1 is a combination of carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals for long lasting energy, endurance, stamina and fast recovery. Complex mixed chain carbohydrates provide high and even levels of energy. Proteins are needed for muscle protection and repair. B-vitamins participate in amino acid metabolism and energy production and play many important roles in the body. Vitamin D acts directly on muscles to increase protein synthesis.



Boil in the Bag VS Freeze Dried Food

boilinbagvsfreezedriedBoth boil in the bag and freeze dried foods have their places in your next adventure, and sometimes you may even want a combination of them both! Both have the benefits of having a long shelf life, no refrigeration needed and quick and easy to cook, but based on your needs you may want to choose one over the other.

Boil in the bag meals are great for camping trips or treks where weight isn’t as much of an issue, but you don’t want to take a ton of ingredients or pots and pans for cooking. They are also great for short hikes where you can just toss a meal in your pack and enjoy it while you are outdoors. An added benefit of boil in the bag meals is that they can be eaten hot or cold, so they can be eaten on the spot wherever you are with no preparation. Alternatively you can cook them around a campfire and have minimal clean up leaving you to enjoy your trip.

Freeze Dried Food is the best option when space and weight are at a premium. With it’s low weight, compact size and high calories it’s great for longer treks or camping trips, sailing, or even multi-day marathons such as Ultras where you have to carry your own packs. For these activities, sometimes carrying the bulky boil in the bag meals aren’t an option and freeze dried meals make a great alternative as you just add water, let it soak, and you can enjoy your meal right out of the bag. Often times freeze dried options can give you more calories for those harder activities where you body needs to refuel properly. We carry freeze dried Extreme Adventure food that is available in 800 or 1000kcal for those with bigger appetites or needing a bit more to get them through their activities.

Ready to Eat Meals for Your Next Trip

rtemainOur Ready to Eat wet meals are not only delicious, but great to throw in your pack on your next adventure. Whether you are going camping, hiking, trekking, or longer extreme excursions, our food will keep you going. With a long shelf life and no refrigeration needed, you can stock up and always have some to hand. Meals can be eaten hot or cold, so no matter where you are you can have a great tasting meal. We have a great choice of breakfasts, mains (both vegetarian and meat options) and even desserts so you can get your whole days meals with our convenient packs.

We aim to give you the highest energy with the lowest weight possible, leaving you room to fit all your essentials in your pack without compromising on nutrition. We also have self-heating meals if you want a hot meal but don’t want to pack a stove.

Browse our selection of Ready to Eat Meals and stock up for your next trip.

Low Weight Compact Expedition Food

camping food packs

We try to cater to as many people and events as we can with our expedition foods and supplements. That’s why our freeze dried breakfasts, desserts, vegetarian and meaty main meals all come in 125g and 180g sizes. This means that you can mix and match to get the right amount of weight in your packs, and with our compact sizes you can fit more as well!

For bigger appetites or those needing more energy to fuel their adventures, we stock 800kcal and 1000kcal extreme breakfasts, vegetarian and meaty main meals. We’ve taken our customers favourite recipes and altered them to increase the energy, reducing the weight and still maintaining the same great taste.

We also have bulk freeze dried food for larger groups or to segment into portions if you are taking your own cooking equipment.

Nutrition For Your Next Ultra

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 11.53.39It’s that time of year where you start to get really serious about your marathon training and also, begin to stock up on supplies. MDS (Marathon des Sables), the original and often touted ‘toughest footrace’ is in just a few months. It’s important to be prepared, and we can help.

We’ve put together multi-stage food and nutrition packs that are perfect for those taking part in Ultra events like MDS, Fire & Ice Ultra or other multi-stage events. We’ve also worked with Mohammed Ahansal, 6 times Marathon des Sables winner, and winner of several other Ultras, to create both vegetarian and meaty nutrition packs. He knows what it takes to keep you fuelled and energised for these tough events. With the highest energy, lowest weight, and most compact sizes, our food is perfect to fill your pack with.

While your stocking up on your nutrition, don’t forget your blister prevention and treatment products too. The vast majority of competitors will suffer with blisters, and you don’t want that to stop you finishing in the best time possible.


Annapurna Base Camp Christmas 2015

Karma ABC be1 Karma ABC be2

Karma Sherpa enjoys some Be Well expedition foods Thai Chicken with rice meal at Annapurna Base Camp (also known as ABC). Karma is planning on taking someone to the top of Mount Everest in March which we hope to follow along on their journey. Did you know they have WiFi at Everest base camp, as well as 3G signal on most of the mountain?! If they make it to the top, this will be the 6th time Karma has been to the summit of Everest.

Karma has a mixture of BeWell Expedition Food and Extreme Adventure Food to take with them from when they leave Everest Base Camp, to use at Camp 1 known as the Valley of Silence, Camp 2 has many names, but none official, Camp 3 is Lhotse wall and Camp 4, known as the death zone. Once you are here, no matter how much you rest, you are dying, the normal relationship between red and white blood cells is reversing, nothing can change that except to get lower on the mountain, but first you have to go to the top. You spend as little time as possible at camp 4 and above. You would depart Camp 4 around 11pm, and leave the Summit by 2pm the next day (at the latest), if you don’t there is a massive chance you wont live to see the next day. The journey can be dangerous and extremely challenging, but worth it none the less!