Self Heating Chai Latte Drink 12 Pack

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    Self Heating CHAI LATTE

    You have to try this to find out how good this is, a favourite with Tea lovers. 

    The Masala spice mix adds a rich hint of cinnamon to this Chai Latte, combined with the refreshing taste of Black tea and milk 

    Going Beyond The Beaten Track

    When your expedition is taking you beyond the beaten track, then you need Self Heating Chai Latte Drink 12 Pack in your pack

 Self Heating CHAI LATTE Press the button to Self Heat, no cooker, electric or flames required.

A quick and easy way to get a Chai Latte when normal facilities are not available.

The temperature will increase by 42 degrees centigrade after 3 minutes.

The warmer it is when you start the process the hotter it will be after 3 minutes

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